1. This scheme is created by Richmond Athletic Association Ltd (RAA).

2. The scheme is for use along with a current membership card by
members of Richmond Football Club Ltd (RFCL) and London Scottish
Football Club Ltd (LSFC).

3. The bar discount  benefits of the scheme can only be used by fully
paid up, current, members of either RFCL or LSFC.

4. The member to whom their membership card is linked to their
RAA account must maintain a credit balance to qualify for discounts.

5. The discounts offered by the MPS are variable by product.

6. The named person on the membership card which is linked to
the RAA account is responsible at all times for transactions made
against the account.

7. The minimum card top up required is £10.

8. The membership card and MPS can be activated and loaded at
specified tills located in the RAA bar.

9. The linked account balance can subsequently be topped up at tills located in the RAA bar.

10. The membership card must be produced at the time of sale and have a sufficient balance to qualify for discounts.

11. Bar staff are entitled to see an alternative proof of identity to the purchaser's current club membership card at any time and can refuse to accept the Membership Card for payment if the member doesn't comply.

12. Balances will be printed on till receipts after use. Duplicate receipts cannot be issued.

13. Discounts are not offered for any method of payment other than the Membership card with the MPS logo on.

14. The MPS account will be cancelled if subscription to either RFCL or LSFC is unpaid after 2 months of the annual subscription renewal date.

15. If a membership card is lost, the charge for replacing the card and linking to the MPS will be £6.

16. RAA, RFCL or LSFC are not responsible for any unauthorised use of the card. RAA reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions attached to the issue and use of the MPC at any time and without notice.

17. Activation of the MPS to the member's membership card is taken as acceptance of these terms and conditions.